Jumat, 31 Oktober 2008

Game Art

Dark Souvereign:


some of my old work, i made this when i worked for games companies in singapore (Ksatria gameworks, and Redeye Studio) the two first pieces are my model for Redeye Studios, he is one of the main character, his name is Dregg (Dark Sovereign), a Dwarven warrior, and the Three last pieces are from Ksatria gameworks (Lonewolf), they are villagers in the game.

Selasa, 14 Oktober 2008


i'm a 3D artist in Indonesia, mainly i'll put all my 3D work in this blog, but i think this blog will be more than that, i guess this is the place where i can express everything, my art, my tutorial, my feeling, my thoughts and a lot more maybe.....

now as a starting point i'll post my newest work (well not really newest tho), this one supposed to be posted for exotique4 , but i was late in a matter of hour *sigh*