Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

Christmas Seed from Daniel Simon on Vimeo.

Just want to share our last Christmas Stop Motion Project, and this is our first try in stop motion, I'm doing the animation and the illustration for the monster tree together with candra siongo and chandra

I know its a bit late, but hope you guys gonna like it thanks to everyone whose involved in the making
-Deddy Suherdi

-Pastor Joshua

Animator, Illustrator & Crew
-Candra Siongo
-Daniel Simon

Senin, 31 Januari 2011

wJust Uploading some old work with "Alice in Wonderland" theme, this was for IndoCG competition last year, i know it still lack of many things, but i surely do learn a lot by drawing this one, hope you guys enjoy it :)

Rabu, 23 Juni 2010

Purgatory - False Omen

its been a while that I'm not updating my blog, hopefully from now on I can update my blog more often. alas, here it is a game model I've done for Smite Entertainment, the title of the game is Purgatory The False Omen and the concept by Adrian Smith, The First Character is Witch Hunter (all props and Weapons are made by my friend Candra) and the Second Character is Arco Deacon

Minggu, 21 Juni 2009

Diablo III IndoCG Challenge

Hi, All, this is my first ever a full color Drawing, usually its only black and white.....
well it was quite fun to draw again :)
i love it
here i edit it abit, i just put another version of it, well just to refine it, need to practice my drawing more

Minggu, 24 Mei 2009

Dominance War III

i might as well posting my old Dom War III, some of my friend said that this one better compare to the new one(Dom War IV), but i like them both :)

Dominance War IV

hi again, this is my entry for Dominance War IV entry, well this is the first time i'm trying on a different style for game art (usually its a knight with armor) this time i'm trying with an elven ghost, well i'm not that satisfied with the result, hopefully, next time i can find my own style, learning... learning... and learning again :)

Minggu, 22 Februari 2009

The New Faery Queen

She is the new Faery Queen......
a human......
its still a mystery why they choose her as their queen.....
maybe to bring peace for their world......
or it could be destruction........

this is my newest art work.... sorry if i change the theme from before..... i put this up for expose 7 entry... hopefully it can go through :)